Supplier” means any company, corporation or other entity that sells, or seeks to sell goods and services to AimValley B.V. including the supplier’s employees, agents and other representatives.

General Conditions

AimValley relies on its suppliers to support our development and manufacturing operations with timely provision of material and services with quality and good workmanship in compliance with agreed conditions in purchase contracts and/or frame agreements. It is AimValley’s policy to comply with all applicable laws and regulations of countries and regions in which we operate and AimValley has the same expectations of it’s suppliers.

In addition and beyond legal compliance, as a responsible global citizen, AimValley is committed to conduct it’s business activities in an honest and ethical manner. The AimValley Supplier Code of Conduct declares that we expect our suppliers to uphold the same commitment and policies on social responsibility as we do.

The AimValley Supplier Code of Conduct

AimValley wants to do business with companies that are similarly committed to health and safety, human rights, environmental and social responsibility, ethics and legal compliance. The AimValley Supplier Code of Conduct is published to make our suppliers aware of our intentions, expectations and requirements on social, ethical and environmental practices. Evidence of non-compliances to the Supplier Code of Conduct will result in corrective action requests. If a supplier refuses or is unable to correct non-compliances to our satisfaction we will terminate the relationship.

AimValley embraced the EICC as framework for our own Code of Conduct. We believe that the EICC code of conduct is an excellent reference and guideline for our industry.

AimValley hereby requires its suppliers to comply with the EICC Supplier Code of Conduct.

Conflict Minerals

AimValley supports ending violence and human rights abuses in the mining of conflict minerals in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and its adjoining countries. See also our Statement on Conflict Minerals on our CSR page.

AimValley expects its suppliers to ensure that the use of conflict minerals is prevented in their products and in their supply chain.

Environmental Compliance

AimValley is committed to the design and manufacture of environment-friendly products. We need the support of our suppliers to accomplish this through elimination of potentially hazardous substances. This is in compliance with the European Union’s RoHS, REACH and WEEE directives, other international regulations, and customer’s ‘Green Procurement’ guidelines. AimValley requires it’s suppliers to commit to latest EU and similar international regulations on the prevention of hazardous materials and we expect our suppliers to inform us immediately about any violations.