Conflict Minerals

Statement Regarding Metal Sourcing from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

AimValley supports supply chain activities to prohibit the use of cassiterite (tin ore), wolframite (tungsten ore), coltan (tantalum ore) and gold, or their derivatives, whose extraction or trade supports conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo or adjoining countries, and/or contributes to inhumane treatment, including human trafficking, slavery, forced labor, child labor, torture and war crimes in the region. Our efforts are not intended at altogether banning procurement of minerals from the DRC and adjoining countries but to assure sourcing from responsible sources in the region. See also the EICC Conflict Free Smelters Program.

As OEM supplier to several globally active companies, AimValley is closely monitoring the status of conflict minerals with the full intent of supporting our customers, to the extent possible, with their policy regarding conflict minerals. We ask our suppliers to cooperate with us in our efforts to assure procurement of non-conflict minerals, see our Suppliers page for more details.

AimValley does not purchase these metals directly from any smelter or mine, so we must rely on source information that our suppliers provide. AimValley’s manufacturing operations are carried out by several subcontract manufacturing partners. We have actively communicated our policy on conflict minerals to all of our manufacturing partners and have started a process to obtain written assurances and/or certifications that their metal suppliers do not purchase any metals or minerals mined from the DRC. AimValley will continue to address conflict minerals sourcing with its manufacturing partners as additional information becomes available.

If AimValley becomes aware of a supplier whose supply chain includes metals from a conflict source, AimValley will take the appropriate actions to remedy the situation in a timely manner, including reassessment of supplier relationships. AimValley expects our suppliers to take similar measures with their suppliers to ensure alignment throughout the supply chain.