Working @ AimValley

Current Vacancies:

Software Developer (Medior-Senior)

At AimValley, we focus everyday on providing next generation technology to our customers. Based on a ‘can do’ approach, we will answer all questions a customer may have. Our engineers will not take no for an answer.

Teamwork is key to our success. Teams are grouped around a customer project and work systematically to provide the right features and the right time to market. We pride ourselves in delivering our projects on time and on budget.

Do you feel you could fit right in? Contact us at to find out if we can find a matching position in AimValley for you.

Graduation Assignments

Are you ready for your final graduation work and you prefer to do this in the real world instead of at the university? Contact us at to see if we can offer a relevant assignment for your study. We regularly offer assignments in the field of electronics design, VHDL design and embedded software design.


Pim Tamerus

Software Engineer

Working at AimValley has proven to be a unique opportunity. The company is fully focused on developing state of the art technology, either for customers or for our own products. Since joining AimValley, I have gained much expertise on software development for complex communication solutions. The company has proven to be exceptionally driven in technology and is especially entrepreneurial. Being a full service company, offering components as well as turnkey solutions, we cover all areas of development, from design to testing. This means you communicate with colleagues from various disciplines on a daily basis on the progress of projects. This makes working at AimValley definitely very interesting.

– Joined AimValley in 2010 –

Bastiaan Pecht

Hardware Designer

As a hardware designer I translate customer requirements and specifications into a hardware design. Next, the printed circuit board is manufactured by a third party, which is a process we closely monitor. When the board is finished, it is extensively tested in our own laboratory. This is where we distinguish ourselves from other companies. We focus strongly on quality and reliability. To create these solutions, I work closely together with colleagues from different areas of expertise. This is done in an open and creative atmosphere, with much emphasis on every ones’ unique professionalism and technical knowledge.

– Joined AimValley in 2006 –